Garden Fencing Essex

Our garden fencing team can make sure your boundaries are solid and secure, but why stop at that! With the right style of fence, plants can be grown to spread up and over panels adding colour to your garden and making use of all its space. Of course, the fence could be painted a suitable shade from the large range we have on offer.

Close board fencing remains very popular with a competitive price and a good uniform effect. The choice of concrete or wooden posts is often at the front of customers thoughts when contacting us. Very often the life span of the fence is a factor in making the right choice. For some, the extra cost of using concrete pots and gravel boards is worth it in extending the life of the fence and making the process of replacing any panels in the future so much easier.

Fencing in Chelmsford, Essex using materials like Hazel have now become very popular as they look far more natural and provide a screen or barrier while looking less like a conventional fence.

Our garden fencing services can include a complete look at your garden to establish what you priorities are and to come up with the relevant fencing solution.

Often trellis is an important area of most gardens, providing height and also a place to grow climbing plants which can add height and interest to the garden. This is a very varied material, with a huge choice of styles, they can be used to compliment planting and can also help divide up a garden space to create different areas with different uses as part of the concept of ‘garden rooms’.

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