Company Information

Ian Costello

Ian Costello began trading as Anglian Garden Services in 1992. Determined to be part of the growth of interest in gardens & gardening, Ian wanted to start his own company and show just what could be practically achieved.

It was clear that this gardening ‘revival’ was very much in evidence throughout the country and that it was an exciting sector to be in. To a large extent this interest was and is fuelled by the stress of modern life and the need for people to escape this pressure by getting outside.

Companies and individuals were also becoming increasingly aware of the wider range of garden materials available & how they could be put to good effect.

With his training at Writtle College behind him, Ian thought Essex the perfect area to use the skills he had obtained and put them into his business.

At first, the company worked primarily for Estate Agents, Housing Associations & Private Customers where Ian could help clients improve their premises or property for the good of their company or for the tenants who lived on their estates.

Quick to diversify, Ian moved into the traditional landscaping areas alongside the maintenance business to deliver hard landscape construction like patios & fencing as well as turfing & lawn maintenance work.

This has always complemented well the broad knowledge of plants and planting that Ian has carried with him from his horticultural background.

Since 2002 Ian has worked closely with Company Supervisor Mark Meachem to supervise & organise staff at every stage of their work.

Mark has provided the knowledge & support needed as the ‘hands on’ face of the company. The excellent communication between Ian & Mark enables any client comments or requests to be quickly put into practise on sites in order to achieve goals quickly.

Our relationship with Writtle Agricultural College benefits our staff with ongoing training and a constant updating of knowledge. Ian Costello is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and through them can access up to the minute research and advice.

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