Garden Design Essex

Garden Design can used for both private customers and companies to optimise the space available and to create a more ‘unified’ effect.

Materials can be used together to achieve a sense of ‘harmony’ and to divide areas into garden rooms for different uses. Atmosphere can often be an underrated aspect with planting, creating a mood for each and every season in turn.

At Anglian Garden Services plans can be drawn up at a small charge to provide a plan for us to work to. This can be implemented in small pieces or as a complete design – depending on the available budget.

Often our garden design advice does not need formal plans and we can simply describe or show you in a hands-on way what we mean and the effect we are trying to create.

Problem solving is a major part of the design process and we can work round obstacles but also ‘less can be more’ so the use of space is important, too much crammed in can result in a cluttered ‘feel’.

Often families are looking for the division of space within the garden to allow children a space to run around on and play while allowing the parents a place to sit and relax and where more colour and interest can prevail.

At Anglian Garden Services we do not try to blind our customers with too much jargon, we simply spell out the options and give you the benefit of our experience.

Client Testimonial

Sarah Hope, Chelmsford, Essex. “Anglian Garden Services transformed my garden from a weed-choked jungle into a beautiful, colourful place that is a joy to behold. This work is of the highest standard: knowledgeable, reliable and courteously provided. I am very pleased to recommend them without qualification.” Find more Testimonials here.

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